When I close my eyes I see you
My angel face
My devil in red,and my beauty anew
I wanna go where you are
My heartache
Lovely disaster so near,so far


They call me Discord goddess to distruction
I can kill with my total seduction
Chaos is my every game
Evil child is my middle name
I am good and keeping my scores
Make old wounds hurt like old sores
Promise everything will be filled with lies
A night with me in the morning you'll be dead what a surprise
Don't look at me like you don't know me
Your suffering always makes me so d*mn happy
They call me Discord lover of pain
Yes I was born to thunder and rain
Don't know wrong from right
Always loved to pick a fight
What's your name and what's your reward?
Mines suffering and pain cause I am Discord!


All I ever wanted
Someone to understand how I feel
Reach out…
Can you hear me?
Make me see the light inside; that I am beautiful
All I ever wanted
Gift from above
Show me that I belong
Be that special one.

Far away I am in another world high
Away from pain,scorn or hate.
Drifting in a deep REM sleep and can't be bothered to comply.
Here I can be whatever I want and whomever I please.
It's the waking that hurts and shakes me to my knees.